Hello world!

Welcome to my new Blog. I’d like to introduce myself in short.

My name is Simon, I live in Nürnberg with my girlfriend. And we have two rabbits.

I love every sport you can do outdoors. Running, hiking, climbing, boulder, ninja warrior, Crossfit, diving, sailing, and kiting as well.

I start working in 2007 in the internal IT Departement at an IT Service provider. After 4 years moved forward to the internal IT in Healthcare. Therefore I moved to the alps. Which are very beautiful by the way.

So after that I moved to IT consultant at my current engagement at infoWAN Datenkommunikation GmbH.

Within that job I have the great opportunity to support many customer at theirs challenges to move to the cloud, create mobile decide strategies as well as securing to on premise infrastructure.

I started this blog to share my knowledge about the great possibilities of Microsoft products with on premises infrastructure like domain controllers, active directories federation services, windows hello for business but also much more about the cloud within the enterprise mobile & security like Intune, Azure AD, MFA and other fancy stuff customers can get with the cloud.

I hope you like this blog. Please let me know if you want a special topic covered in a blog post.

Stay tuned

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