How to send Intune custom notifications via Graph API Call

on my last post, I mentioned the new capability of Intune to send a custom notification to iOS and Android. see here in this post, I would like to describe briefly the possibility to send this via a graph call.Graph Calls will give you a more flexible way on how to send notifications. for example, […]

Monitor server patch level with powershell

Hi folks, I had a little challange from a customer today. He wants to ensure that all servers has the same patch level. With the lack of an WSUS I decided to write a short powershell script. The question was which attribute, item or value I can query to get the current patch level. Microsoft […]

Password reminder mail in Office 365

In modern days maybe you do not want any on premises server infrastructure at all. So how does your users get a reminder that their password is about to expire within the next few days. Especially for your roardwarriors which are only using just a tablet and a phone as well. There comes a solution, […]