How to send Intune custom notifications via Graph API Call

on my last post, I mentioned the new capability of Intune to send a custom notification to iOS and Android. see here

in this post, I would like to describe briefly the possibility to send this via a graph call.
Graph Calls will give you a more flexible way on how to send notifications. for example, you can schedule it, or you can send it via an installation process to the end-user from your backend system

Please be aware. THIS IS IN BETA

the Graph API Endpoint for this is the following URL with a Post request

For the payload you’ll have the following:

"notificationTitle": "New Intune App available",
"notificationBody":"Please go to company Portal and update your apps",

Following Attributes are needed:

  • notificationTitle: the title of the notification (max 50 char)
  • notificationTitle: the real notification body (max 500 char)
  • groupsToNotify: Array of Azure AD Group IDs

You on

So let me know your use cases for automating custom notifications via intune

stay tuned

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