How to use intune RBAC Scope Tags – Update with default label

Microsoft recently published an Update for Intune. This update brings a default scope tag label. This label is automatically assigned to all un-tagged Intune objects that are capable of scope tags. How does it look like? With this new behavior, you can hide all Intune objects to users without the default scope tag labels. […]

How to send Intune custom notifications via Graph API Call

on my last post, I mentioned the new capability of Intune to send a custom notification to iOS and Android. see here in this post, I would like to describe briefly the possibility to send this via a graph call.Graph Calls will give you a more flexible way on how to send notifications. for example, […]

Send notifications to mobile devices with Intune

Intune has a new feature – once again.You can now send push notification to the users’ screen.There are several scenarios where you would like to send some push notifications to your users. inform users about strangers on the company campus inform users to take a break from the heat and spend the rest of the […]

Using intune scope tags – a hidden powerful tool

Intune has been using a RBAC model since a while now. Let’s have a deeper look at ‘Scope Tags’. What can we do with this, what is it used for and what are the limitations. Scope Tags can be used for distributed IT Teams to ensure that the configuration gets only applied to devices and […]

Android work profile on Huawei

hey folks, recently I got involved in an Intune enrollment issue for Android Enterprise on a Huawei P10 Device with the latest security Patch from Januar 2019 ( (C02))We had the following scenario:The user downloads and launch the Company Portal and start with enrolling the device in Intune.The enrollment process stops at the screen “You’re […]