Send notifications to mobile devices with Intune

Intune has a new feature – once again.
You can now send push notification to the users’ screen.
There are several scenarios where you would like to send some push notifications to your users.

  • inform users about strangers on the company campus
  • inform users to take a break from the heat and spend the rest of the day at the pool
  • let them know that the ice cream cart is at the campus and you sponsor a free one


  • The device needs the company portal installed.
  • The Company portal needs the required permission to allow notifications
  • On an Android, you’ll also need Google Play Services


  • You can only send 25 messages per hour per tenant.
  • Messages appear as a standard push notification. If the company portal app is open on iOS, the push notification is shown in the app instead
  • the title can have up to 50 characters
  • the body can have up to 500 characters
  • Each notification can directly target up to 25 groups. Nested groups don’t count against this total.

Flow of a message

  • Intune tries to send the message for one hour.
  • The message is sent to the company portal. The company portal creates then the push notification

How to send a message

  • Login into Intune and go to Devices Send custom notifications
  • On the Basic tab specify title and body for the message
  • on the Assignment Tab add some groups you want to notify. If you are mixing user and device groups, only users with an Android or iOS device are affected
  • on the Review + Create tab just doublecheck your settings and hit Create to send the message

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